Presumptive, Probable and Positive signs of Pregnancy

Presumptive, Probable and Positive signs of Pregnancy Explained:

Pregnancy news can be exciting as well as stressful at the same time for women. Various signs and symptoms of Pregnancy but some are not reliable. For every woman, it is essential to understand Presumptive, Probable and Positive signs of Pregnancy and what is included in each category. If there is any probability that arises it is easy for women to discover.

 Presumptive, Probable, and Positive Sign of Pregnancy Meaning:

  • Presumptive: Chances of Pregnancy
  • Probable: Have symptoms that you are pregnant, but you are not sure
  • Positive:100% surety of pregnancy
  1. Presumptive Sign of Pregnancy

The signs of presumptive Pregnancy are the same as pregnancy symptoms. But another reason may cause it. The primary sign is missing periods. But having more than one symptom gives you a basis for further investigation. The primary symptoms are:

  • Fatigue: It is the most common symptom of Pregnancy. It doesn’t need to occur only in pregnant women. An imbalance occurs in hormones and you may experience downy and sleepy. If fatigue is in combination with other symptoms, then it can be the cause of Pregnancy.


  • Back Pain: Back pain can occur in late pregnancy but it can also happen in Early Pregnancy. Back pain is ligaments in your body stretching and softening that create pressure on your joints.


  • Nausea: It can occur any time in the whole day, not primarily in the morning. It starts when women are 6 to 9 weeks pregnant but it remains the last 16 weeks. Nausea can suggest being pregnant whether or not or not you ever vomit.
  1. Probable Sign of Pregnancy

These are the sign that are infrequent symptoms that you are pregnant but sometimes you can’t be 100% sure. There are some other symptoms:

  • Increased pigmentation: It is a standard sign of pregnancy. However, it usually starts after the second trimester but till you know that you are pregnant. This enhanced pigmentation shown on your face and is also known as a mask of Pregnancy or a line is going down from the belly button called the linea nigra.


  • Soft Cervix: It can occur in early pregnancy at four weeks, known as Goodell’s sign. The cervix is usually like you can easily touch your nose with lips. You can ensure yourself by check your pregnancy through the kit.


  • Positive Sign of Pregnancy: In medical language, a positive result is also a probable sign. Sometimes a positive impact can be wrong. That’s why it is defined as a possible sign. Pregnancy on the kit is slow. So most people are considered as positive signs of Pregnancy.
  1. Positive Sign of Pregnancy

Positive signs of Pregnancy occur in any situation. It’s proof that you are 100% pregnant. The signs are:

  • Fetal heartbeat: The doctor checks the heartbeat via Doppler test and it only means one thing that baby is growing inside you. There are home fetal Doppler, or you can wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy to hear the baby’s rhythm.


  • Fetal Movement

A nurse or doctor can see the movement of babies inside the womb and confirm your Pregnancy. You can also feel fetal movement that can be gas mistaken for fetal movement. These signs are undeniable.

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  • Fetus detected via Ultrasound

It is a positive sign of Pregnancy. If your symptoms are certain, you can get an ultrasound between 6 to 8 weeks, or you can get between 10 to 13 weeks to check the baby’s size and survey the organ size or gender.


A woman with a desire or fear in her heart for Pregnancy will develop a Presumptive, Probable and Positive sign of Pregnancy. It will show you three different symptoms according to your condition and influence your physiology.

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