How to fake a pregnancy test with Apple Juice [2021]

How to fake a pregnancy test with Apple Juice :

The apple juice pregnancy test is the best method when looking for different approaches that will help you make fake pregnancy news. It is highly effective and complete –proof to create an affected pregnancy. This method is most popular, but it is not easy for a woman to pretend that she is pregnant when she is not.

However, there are some ways with the help of that the pregnancy results can be changes, and apply the apple juice directly to the kit will give you a positive outcome. Do you also want to know how to fake a pregnancy test with Apple Juice? Let’s explore it here.

Role of Apple Juice to create a fake Pregnancy:

Some fruits and vegetables play an essential role in pregnancy as they are healthy for the baby and mother. But apple juice has a different connection with pregnancy in another way. However, some fruits may result in miscarriage, but fake a pregnancy test with apple juice is quite interesting.

There are many ways that women can create a positive result of their pregnancy and for getting a positive outcome, apple juice is the preferable method. Before we start the process of how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice, it needs to be clear that This is not a scientific or hence proved method that apple juice will create a positive pregnancy result for you.

Thus it is not always sure that an apple juice method works to make a fake pregnancy test positive. If it is not worked for you, look for another way also.


How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice:

The standard method to check the pregnancy result is confirmed through the kit as the process involves using the urine of the expected mother to the bare parts. This test has produced HCG hormone in the female body after the fertilization in the urine.

 If the urine level is above 25 – 50 mlU, then the test shows two lines are turned red it means that the woman is pregnant.

Apple juice also has HCG hormones that are also found in pregnant women’s bodies. Additionally, the sugar level in women’s bodies is found in apple juice, which is the significant benefit of creating a fake pregnancy.

The pregnancy result shows positive signs when the HCG hormone is found in urine. When you apply the apple juice to the pregnancy kit, it selects the HCG hormone from the apple juice and gives you a fake positive result.

Some enzymes present on the pregnancy kit come in contact with the hormones of applied fluid, and it gives you results by changing the c9olor of strips. But when you use apple juice in the urine and interact with these enzymes, it produces a fake pregnancy result.


Methods of using Apple juice for Fake Pregnancy:

It is unnecessary to drink apple juice to expect women to get pregnancy results positive in this method. To create a fake result, you should apply the apple juice to the kit, giving you a favorable outcome by directly applying the liquid. Also, it depends on the brand of fluid and the kit you are using, and it is the preferable option of how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice. 

How to fake a pregnancy test with Apple Juice

Opt the Pure Apple Juice:

For the effective and accurate result of fake pregnancy, you need to use pure apple juice. It depends on the consistency and quality of juice is being used. Ensure yourself that juice is unfiltered and it is prepared from fresh apples. The processed apple juice won’t give the desired result. However, you can use unfiltered or raw apple cider vinegar for this method as it is also the purest form of apple juice, giving you a positive result.

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Steps to Doing the Experiment:

Ready and how to make a fake pregnancy test with apple juice by following this method:

  • Take a deep container and fill it with fresh apple juice, and then dip the pregnancy kit into it.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and not more than that.
  • Now check the result after precisely 5 minutes, and if it does not show, then check it after 5 minutes.
  • Now, if there are two lines, it means you get a positive result.

Pros and Cons of Fake Pregnancy test:

The pregnancy news is bliss for any couple globally, but some couples or the situation happens that they don’t want to become parents soon in their early married life. There are also medical problems that occur, and it may be in the mother or father that they can’t conceive.

However, there are some benefits of fake pregnancy that people will choose to do to see that the other partner is ready for the baby or not:

  • The primary use is that women want special attention from their partners.
  • Seeking the social and public attention from the people that pregnant women get.
  • Women can enjoy maternal leave due to urgent work.

Many reasons are there for fake pregnancy, but this will give you enjoyment for a short period. However, before moving ahead to create fake pregnancy with apple juice, you should measure the outcomes.

There is also another method, from that you can make fake pregnancy test are:

  • Lemon Juice and needs to be fresh
  • Bleach
  • Soda


We here see specific consistency that apple juice has for creating a fake pregnancy because of the pH level and the acid available in the liquid. Also, we know that it is not possible to get pregnant with the consumption of these juices. There are other ways for fake pregnancy i.e. diet coke or red wine to get the pink lines on the kit.

After weighing the consequences of how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice, select this option.

Before pranking your partner you must thoroughly assume all the possible reactions that you would receive from him. Additionally, ensure yourself that it did not make a destructive impact on your relationship. You will handle it.

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