How Much a Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight during Pregnancy

Wow, one-sided it is exciting and on the other, it is scary When you have a baby coming your way. You must clear all your doubts to your health care provider is quintessential, for the greater good. The mother is supposed to look after her health and keeping the baby secured inside is crucial. And your body weight does play a bigger role during the pregnancy period. So, it is a big question mark that how much a pregnant woman should gain weight for a perfect delivery.

Weight gain during pregnancy is because of amniotic fluid, placenta, and other reasons. So, it is not advisable to maintain perfect body weight. 

And in today’s article, we are going to discuss exactly how much weight gaining is perfect for a pregnant mother.

How Much Should a Pregnant Women Eat for maintaining a perfect body weight? 

A mom must know that they have to eat a healthy and nutritious diet with a balance of all the nutrients.

But how much should you eat exactly?

A pregnant woman needs to consume a diet that has 300 more extra calories than their regular diet. It will make them gain weight proportionately. You don’t have to worry about over or under-eating. So, you see it is not always necessary to eat meals for two people. Just the right amount of healthy calories will do the work.

How Much a Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight in all Trimesters?

So, at the beginning of pregnancy, the main question is How Much a Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight in their first trimester. Definitely baby needs the all nutrition as it grows. So, more or less 1 Kg to 2 Kg weight gaining is perfect for women in their first trimester.

The second trimester is a weight gain period. The baby inside the womb continues to grow. So, it is common that the mother is put on some weight in this stage. 

Some women find to lose a little weight as the baby gains some weight During the third trimester. So, it is normal, according to the doctors, to lose some weight during the third trimester. 

Be careful about the weight gain during the initial dates to balance out the overall weight. 

How much weight should a pregnant woman gain in kg for proper monitoring?

Women should know how much weight should a pregnant woman gain per week or how much weight a pregnant woman should gain in kg. Pregnant women should gain about 11 to 16 kgs during the pregnancy period and around 0.5 kilograms weekly for the rest of the period. The maximum amount of weight gain occurs during the first trimester. So, the women’s pre-existing weight and BMI play a significant role as deciding factors as in how much pregnant women should gain weight?

  • With twin babies, the mom-to-be needs to gain at least 16 to 24 kgs roughly.
  • If the mom’s pre-pregnancy weight is considered overweight gaining 7 to 11 kgs (15 to 45 pounds) or less would suffice.
  • Underweight moms will need more and that would be around 13 to 18 kgs or up to 40 pounds.

How Much a Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight

How can pregnant women look over the weight gain for a perfect baby?

  • You can avoid dairy products and consume skimmed versions instead so that you get essential nutrition without the pesky fat showing up in your body. 
  • Consume cereals and whole-grain pieces of bread and healthy things.
  • Pregnant women get cravings because of cortisol production which will lead to unhealthy food habits to avoid that have fruits and veggies handy too much on. You can satisfy your cravings by innovating on that.
  • Take food items that are low in fat but contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Try Some basic Yoga and healthy Pranayam.

Lastly, you have to consult a professional dietician if you are underweight or overweight. You can avoid risks with your diet and make it hard for yourself.

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Find the Risks Of Overweight During Pregnancy 

Your health care expert should tell you the ill effects of having overweight which might lead to many risks during the delivery and harm the baby if not properly cared for. The complications and hazards of more weight gain include: 

  • Gestational diabetes 
  • Preeclampsia
  • High blood pressure 
  • A need for C-section delivery.
  • Hypertension
  • Fetal macrosomia (in case of excessive weight
  • Delivery way before the due date.

Best Method for Maintaining A Healthy Weight During Pregnancy 

Your health expert will guide you through the process of diet plan, weight gain, and other health-related things during the entire pregnancy period. Meanwhile, you as a mother must be familiar with the figures concisely to avoid any mishap by eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Average pregnant women need the below calories.

  1. First trimester–1800 calories 
  2. Second trimester -2200 calories 
  3. Third trimester -2400 calories 

These calculations are for a day and this can be general unless your doctor prescribes you with another plan based on your conditions that need more or fewer calorie requirements.

Essential Tips for New Moms: 

The question How Much a Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight is a myth to a new mom. Pregnant women are likely to gain weight when they get pregnant.

So, there is nothing abnormal about achieving a certain weight after getting pregnant. You only have to be very cautious and do not be ignorant about anything related to pregnancy.

A lot of moms struggle with postpartum depression and body image issues after the baby’s birth. There is a lot on the plate to handle. So, do not try losing the weight you gained while on your trimesters. Underweight moms might give birth to a tiny baby and vice versa with overweight moms. But this is not the case every time.

However, the risks and complications are highly possible. It is safe and better to keep watching on our weighing scale and eat healthy for your baby’s health and of course for yourself.


When you are pregnant, it is common to have an oscillating state of mind. You are thrilled but have to be cautious while sitting, sleeping, and doing all the activities that can harm the baby. So weight gain is a much pondered-over concern among new moms to be.

It is always good to get a professional consultation on the doubts and queries regarding it. So, the question of How Much a Pregnant Woman Should Gain Weight is no more annoying. Having Mis-conception about food and weight gain will affect the health of the baby. So, plan, research, and prepare in the best way possible and enjoy your lovely motherhood.

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