10 foods to avoid breastfeeding mother after delivery

Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling in this whole wide world. A mother delivering a baby needs nutrition and care to make a Lil person see this beautiful world. The need for knowing what is right? And what is not lies in every mom’s head. That is why people say that it is crucial to take the advice of a trained professional and your doctor before jumping to any conclusions.

According to professional dietitians, there aren’t any specific foods to avoid breastfeeding. Although, there is a small list of foods that needs your attention. The regular diet is more than enough unless it is not balanced, with all the nutrients. You can take your routine meal pan will loads of vegetables and fruits and whole grains. It will keep your milk supply regular, and you will not feel overwhelmed at all. 

So, if you want to filter out foods that you should avoid while breastfeeding that might have ill effects on the baby that will contain oily fried items, especially fish. According to doctors, even caffeine and alcohol are OK if and only if consumed moderately. For food, nothing is harmful until it has a limit. Here is a detailed description of what food you should eat while breastfeeding and what to avoid. 

Foods To Avoid Breastfeeding:

The following foods are to be limited to keep the baby safe and comfort of your health as well. Some foods might make the mother a little uncomfortable, and those kinds of food need to get cut out if you face any discomfort like flatulence, nausea, etc.

  1. Fish this might surprise as fish is one of the healthiest foods and contains omega-3 fatty acids. You shall avoid eating fish as the fish might contain harmful chemicals from polluted water resources. Consuming it in higher quantities will affect the quality of breastmilk, and it is not so good for the mother’s health.
  2. Most women consider taking herbal supplements will boost the milk supply. However, there are mixed thoughts about it, and mainly there is no medical evidence to show that it works 100%, so it is best not to take them and better inform your doctor if you are planning.
  3. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, beans, cabbage can get excluded, as they can be gassy and will affect your baby. Avoid them or eat them in limited quantities if the baby acts gassy.
  4. Caffeine is considered a huge mistake to make while breastfeeding. If you cannot avoid them, you can always consume decaf or lower the cups of coffee.
  5. Chocolate contains caffeine, so try to reduce its quantities as well. Avoid having large chunks of chocolates and eat them moderately.
  6. No, alcohol is not best for the baby. But you can have them only in limited quantities. The best thing is to avoid it entirely. 
  7. If you are concerned about spicy foods, then fret not. A mother can eat stuff while breastfeeding if the baby was exposed to similar flavors and smells while in the womb. So, there is not anything serious about consuming spicy foods if the baby is familiar with them.
  8. Cow’s milk will not suit some babies, and it is a prevalent allergen in babies, so you can limit the consumption of dairy and dairy-based products while breastfeeding. 
  9. Babies love getting exposed to new flavors. New moms were fed garlic at olden times, and the babies seemed to nurse longer and suck for a long time.
  10. Avoiding sugary drinks and sodas can help you big time. If you feel thirsty, keep a bottle of water and think no more. Healthy juices once in a while can help but cut down on carbonated drinks. foods to avoid breastfeeding

Above 10 suggestions are the best foods to avoid breastfeeding mother after delivery.

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Things To Consider

Breastfeeding is a natural process, and as a new mother, you do not have to beat yourself up. Just ensure that you are taking a balanced diet and loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Rather than being picky about eating, observe your baby and see how it behaves. If your baby is cranky or gassy, you can avoid subsequent foods which might induce the behavior. Otherwise, you are ready. So, do not be afraid of trying out new things. Your diet is as essential as the babies. Of course, you need not be scared or confused if you have the facts right in front of you. 

The above-furnished list of foods to avoid breastfeeding is not to scare the young moms out there but to make them cautious to learn more. There are many nutritionists and lactation counselors out there with whom you can consult and get the right advice for your diet. There is plenty of things that you should do and should not do, and the answer is always the proper knowledge. 

Note: If you are taking any dietary supplements on some recommendation, please refrain from it, no two bodies are alike, and a doctor that knows your personal history and monitors your pregnancy can prescribe your supplements and take the supplements only upon advice from the doctor. OTC supplements are fine, but ask your doctor before popping it up. 

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Some Tips for Breastfeeding Mom:

New mom’s post-natal care should be dealt with caution and loads of nourishment for both the baby and the mother to do better. Breastfeeding moms have to be constantly cautious as they have to take off themselves and the bay too. In most cases, they might be sleep-deprived and tired, so there would not be enough time to plan your meals and carefully choose the good.

So, it is better to plan and prep them when you have time and energy. If not better, seek the help of your loved ones to handle the foods, so you can avoid the foods that might affect your health and the babies. 


Suppose you can consult your doctor about any queries regarding your diet plan, foods to avoid breastfeeding that would be rewarding. Instead of blindly following things that your friend or families told you. If you have a grip on what you are doing, you can proceed with no thoughts. Ignorance might lead to several problems. So, it is always great to keep an open mind. 

Note: Please consult a lactation consultant if you have any queries regarding your breast milk supply. Do not fix any problems with food or medicines on your own. Consult a professional before deciding on anything.

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