can a uti cause a false positive pregnancy test ?

The first attempt you take to confirm your upcoming motherhood that is a pregnancy test at home. It can be an auspicious situation for you. But do you know that your pregnancy result may differ due to some serious diseases? Such as UTI or you may be called it a Urinary Tract Infection. If you carried such an infection it may harm your body. You may thought that can a uti cause a false positive pregnancy test? and in this article, I try to help you out about this matter of fact. 

can a uti cause a false positive pregnancy test

What is UTI or Urinary Tract Infection?

Well, Urinary Tract Infection is a commonly infected disease on your urinary bladder that can harm your uterus as well as your kidney. The symptoms may vary depending upon the severity of your infection. Survey says that women are more likely to be infected with UTI than men. 

It is because of the position of the Urinary process. 

Some of the common symptoms of UTI are

1) Heavily Burning Sensation over the infected area.

2) High Fever

3) Bad Smell from the Urine

4) Irritation on Vagina

5) Pain on bladder

6) May notice some Bloody Urine

7) Color change of Urine

8) Fatigue

Can a UTI cause a false positive pregnancy test? 

Before a pregnancy test If you are suspected that you had any of the above UTI symptoms then you need immediate contact with your doctor for help. Your pregnancy test with Urinary Tract Infection may differ or maybe ended up with the wrong result. 

The pregnancy test result might differ due to some of the reasons such as

1) If you have suffered from a severe UTI infection.

2) If you are using antibiotics or any drugs that can change the normal composition of urine.

3) If you are consuming too much water for curing the infection then your HCG levels may change in urine. The pregnancy kit does not detect results properly. 

4) If you are having bloody urine then definitely pregnancy kit does not provide the correct result or rather you may need to avoid the test.

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Other Suspected reasons for a False-Positive Pregnancy Test

There are so many other suspected reasons that can give you a false positive pregnancy test result. 

Such as,

1) If you are using an Expired Test kit or reusing a Test kit.

2) Consuming fertility drugs 

3) Recently came out with Miscarriage

4) Body Hormonal Changes

Other things to remember for a UTI false positive pregnancy result

If you are experiencing medically unfit and going through with this infection you need not worried. It is a temporary disease. It can be effectively cured with proper treatment. If the test result came out false-positive don’t be hopeless. First, you may cure the disease and then took the test for accurate results.

How to completely cure a UTI 

There are many things you can do to cure UTI easily. Some of the helpful methods are

1) Consume heavy Fluids or water. It can wash out your Infection.

2) Take helpful Antibiotics by consulting your doctor.  

3) Eat Healthy foods that can help you out over the infection

4) Clean the infected area for better result


So, when you are performing a pregnancy test you always need to be cautious over the present health condition. Uti can cause a false positive pregnancy test sometimes. You need not worry about this. Consult your doctor to cure this disease and re-test your pregnancy. A healthier pregnancy always helps you for a healthier baby. 


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